thezachproject is now live!

I was probably not the most pleasant person to be around last weekend. Poor long suffering John, he usually gets the brunt of it and I am sure he would tell you this time was no different ( though maybe possibly worse)

Having put so much thought and time into thezachproject I have been so anxious that it goes well and can be the best it possibly can.

While we were on holiday we were communicating almost daily with Mary from Beam, a phone call and few emails from Lucy from Mudlarks and a number of times a day with our wingmen Vahe and Kerry who were still doing stuff at Scott House. None of this was made easy because my phone is broken again however we managed….

John took Zach to Scott House on Monday morning for half past eight where he was met by his Beam Team. Beam have put a great amount of time and thought into how Zach’s days will be spent. Some of the team have now been working with Zach since December last year so he has good established relationships with them. There is a team of ten working with Zach now and they will interchange during the day. Three members of the team with him at anyone time, two working directly with Zach while the other prepares activities, makes resources and so on. When Zach is out in the community he will always have all three members of the team with him.

The plan is that every day Zach will access the community twice, it maybe for an activity like swimming at the local sports centre which he can walk to or climbing in Harlow where he will get there using public transport of the car.

On Monday morning I had first day nerves all day and didn’t know what to do with myself, however when I collected him at four thirty I was told he had done brilliantly. On Tuesday I was met with the same message when I picked him up. On Wednesday the same again, and he had engaged with his new  yoga teacher Marjorie and taken part and enjoyed the session. On Thursday the staff were thrilled to tell me again what a great day it had been and the same on Friday! (sorry if this sounds a bit like a Craig David song!)


We can’t believe what a brilliant week he has had, he has come home tired every day but really happy and I feel it has been a great start.

Thank you so much to everyone for the good wishes and also getting in touch to see how things have gone. It really means a great deal to us.

We are well aware that this maybe the honeymoon period and there are going to be tricky times but it is a great and very positive start for us all. 🙂






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thezachproject and Spectrum of Misconception

Mother and advocate to my son Zach. Zach has autism and complex needs. My blog is about the project we set up when there was no suitable further education setting for Zach when he left school in July 2016. I find that sharing our successes and struggles is cathartic for me and I hope insightful for the reader. My hope is that others who are struggling to find a place for their child or themselves may draw some inspiration from thezachproject. Thanks for reading my blog, please leave me comments.

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