We are live!

It has been a really strange year, I am sure I do not need to tell you that! Many of my friends have undertaken big projects around the home, decorating, knocking down walls and transforming the garden.

I haven’t done any of that, however our house has been full of shiny, sparkly Christmas bits since early July.

I decided to start making Christmas wreaths earlier this year, with the idea that I would accumulate some stock to sell at all the sales I had in my diary close to the festive period.

Due to the current situation all those dates have been cancelled, however the wreaths are selling very well after sharing on social media. All the money from them goes straight in to the Spectrum of Misconception bank account.

Zach delivering a wreath to one of our lovely customers, Pia.

Spectrum of Misconception is a social enterprise which was established 3 years ago with the aim of giving Zach and other young adults who have autism and complex needs work experience.

Something which it is highly likely they would never have the opportunity to do anywhere else.

Our mission is to raise autism awareness and to help people understand the complexities of autism. It is such a massive spectrum, people have autism but that is by no means all they have. They have their own characters as we all do and I think this is sometimes forgotten.

This year, I am so excited to have three young adults who have autism and complex needs joining Zach at the enterprise.

I am very proud to introduce our team!


It is what Cormac and I hoped for from the beginning, and we hope that Jack, Donald and Akintade are just the beginning of our expansion.

I also thrilled with our products for Christmas which can be found on our website http://www.spectrumofmisconception.com.

We have stunning new Christmas cards, illustrated by Leila Nabih who is a very talented artist living in Hertford.

Leila was so interested in the concepts which we suggested for the cards and worked really hard to depict them. We just love her illustrations and hope you do too.

Winter wonderland

The concept for this card is that what one person finds delight in, that same situation may make another person feel incredibly anxious.

Many people who have autism have sensory processing difficulties and this card certainly illustrates what looks magical may also be a frightening experience for somebody else.

Wrong size Tree

The concept for this card was that we don’t all fit into the same size box. We shouldn’t feel less than anyone else if we don’t fit in, it is what makes us stand out.

Many people who have autism attempt to conform to what is considered ‘normal’ this can cause them extreme stress and anxiety.

The same but different

The concept for this card was to embrace difference. We are all the same but very different.

Another artist we have been lucky enough to work with is Molly Sidebottom. Again we discussed the concepts with her and then she came up with some great ideas which look fantastic on our gift wrap and tags and the new products we have for sale this year.

Mind the Gap is a store at Hertford North Station, the family who run it could not be more caring, they also do a great line in banter.

Their business has been hit hard by lockdown as so many previous commuters are now working from home. They have adapted to the situation by selling more convenience items.

They are once again selling our cards which is really kind of them. Zach dropped them off one evening with Joel and Shauna.

Replenish_Refill is a zero waste shop in Hertford. Its on Railway Street where the old Mudlarks cafe was.

You take your containers to refill food, herbs, spices, tea. coffee, toiletries and cleaning products. They also have a great supply of Lifestyle and home products in store, along with bits which will make fantastic gifts. They stock artisan baked Sourdough breads (which is very yummy) and other baked goodies too.

They will have one of my wreaths in their window when its time to get the Christmas bits up so please keep a look out for it.

The team are already packing up orders and sending them out. It may not seem like much but for them it is a great achievement and something they and we are really proud of.

I hope you will enjoy visiting our website and find something that you like.

Spectrum of Misconception is working hard to keep moving forward, raising Autism awareness and helping people understand the complexities of autism.