Attitude is either the lock or the key.

We are at that time of the year again when our social enterprise, Spectrum of Misconception becomes busy with people buying our unique Christmas cards.

What makes them unique?

We set up the enterprise to fill a gap in young people who have autism and complex needs lives. That gap is experience of work. Despite searching and approaching charities we couldn’t find anyone who was willing to allow my son, Zach to experience some experience of work. Granted we don’t all like work, but we should have the chance to come to that conclusion.

We wanted to help people understand autism and the complexities of the spectrum a little better through our enterprise.

This is how Spectrum of Misconception came about, we now have a small team of young people who are involved, experiencing work and they all seem to enjoy it.

What do they do? When your orders come in they are allocated through the team, they then pick the correct cards from their stock, pack them and either post or deliver them. They make a fine job of it. Sometimes the wait in the post office is a bit much for any of us and they have managed this admirably.

We are lucky to have worked with some fantastic artists since we started and the artist we are working with now, Leila Nabih never fails to deliver.

We are probably an artists most difficult customers, we give them a concept which we would like to be conveyed through illustration. We have had some beautiful and clever cards over the last 4 years and this year is no exception.

This year we want to share our concepts with you.

Santa’s Magic Key

Our message behind the illustration for this Christmas Card is that

‘Attitude is either the lock or the key’

We know many of the people on our Spectrum Team are highly perceptive.

 Most of our team are non-verbal and so are excellent at picking up how someone is feeling be it happy, sad, stressed, angry, disinterested, the list could go on. They just know.

My son Zach picks up instantly whether someone likes him or does not.

 If someone is stressed or in a bad mood. He, like so many other people who have autism and complex needs loves to be with people who are smiling, laughing, happy and include him.

Rapport is something which is sometimes instant or can need working at, but good rapport is like potted gold.

We love the message, someone’s attitude can be the make or break of a good day, week, or year.

 Be the person whose attitude unlocks people’s potential in every aspect of life.

We are all like Zach really.

Find our website at and share a little autism awareness with your Christmas greeting this year.