Still stumbling through the woods..

After a long period with no blog post from me, due to despair and general exhaustion bought about by the difficulties of trying to beat the system I would like to be able to tell you all that we are out of the woods however…..

We have funding until April but have received notice on Scott House! Mudlarks have used the wonderful Scott House for the last three years as a base and it has been a brilliant base. We have had many events there both in the house and in the beautiful garden but the Landlord has sold it to a developer and we need to be out by early February.

We have worked so hard to make the rooms we have at Scott House to be a great environment for Zach to learn and relax in and it feels rather as though we have just got it as it needed to be and we need to be on the move…however we are very grateful to Mudlarks for giving us the space and we now know that what we have set up works, we just need to find another space for it to work in!

If anybody can think of a suitable space please let me know, we need a space close to a main line station, and close to the community as it is vital for Zach to continue to be able to access it. Our budget is very small, but if you have any ideas please let me know.

Mudlarks will also need a new base, preferably with storage, parking and accessible. We would love to share a building with Mudlarks again but if you know of anywhere which may be suitable for them please also let me know.

In other news a friend and I have started a monthly disco for young people with additional needs. We have called it ‘Zambo Dance Nights’ and it is being held at Hertford Theatre, The Wash, Hertford SG14 1PS. The room we have is perfect for our young people, it is a large space with glass windows looking out onto the rushing water of the river Beane going through the weir, so very sensory.


We have held two so far and they have both been great nights. One of the things I am really enjoying is the unbridled enjoyment on all the young peoples faces, nobody is bothered whether they look cool or not and that includes the parents and support workers :p

Bradley Clark who goes into Scott House every Tuesday to do DJ’ing with Zach has been providing the music and lights which every one has enjoyed. We have use of the theatre foyer which is a nice area and the bar is open for refreshments.


Our next event is:-

The Zambo Christmas Special

21st December 2016


£5 entrance and support/parents go free

web address is

It will be a great night with loads of cheesy Christmas tunes! If you can make it please let me know, we do have a limit on the room so if your name is on the list you are definitely coming in.

Here’s hoping someone knows of somewhere wonderful waiting to have lots of life breathed into it! 🙂









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thezachproject and Spectrum of Misconception

Mother and advocate to my son Zach. Zach has autism and complex needs. My blog is about the project we set up when there was no suitable further education setting for Zach when he left school in July 2016. I find that sharing our successes and struggles is cathartic for me and I hope insightful for the reader. My hope is that others who are struggling to find a place for their child or themselves may draw some inspiration from thezachproject. Thanks for reading my blog, please leave me comments.

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